​Taboo Fashions Summer 2022 Collection!

​Taboo Fashions Summer 2022 Collection!

Posted by Taboo Fashions™ on Aug 8th 2022

Summer has arrived and so have new designs! 

This season, Taboo Fashions is proud to present to you a new line of bags to meet the emerging demand in Women’s Sports including Tennis, Pickleball and Golf.

These collections are constructed with Taboo Fashions’ famous never-wear material to continue providing you with the most durable and stylish prints of sports bags that will meet both your fashion and athletic needs. Find your true match with our collection of Premium Golf Bags, Companion Golf Bags, Tennis Backpacks, Pickleball bags, Club covers and other gear!

Companion Golf Bags

Sunday Golf Range Bags

Looking for a bag to bring a few clubs to practice your putting or driving on the range? Taboo Fashions Premium Companion Golf Bag is what you need. 

This range golf bag only weighs 1.8 pounds and has a two-way organizer that can fit up to 5 clubs. A velour pocket is included in the front for golf balls and valuables. It also features the Dual Auto-Flex Stand, easy carry handle, and adjustable removable strap, making it our most convenient carrying system.

These companion bags are designed for efficiency and simplicity so you can enjoy your Sunday rounds or when you are playing an executive course.

Tennis Bags

Taboo Fashions Women's Tennis Backpacks

Tennis backpacks are always the number one pick for on-the-go women. They are easy to carry and fit women with a casual lifestyle. While there are tons of ladies tennis backpack options in the market, what makes Taboo Fashions’ different is they cater to different styles, from bright to wild, vivid to classic, while remaining multifunctional. 

This bag can fit one to two rackets and has a front and back pocket to easily store and grab small items. A large main compartment is included for other gear or apparel, and the side pockets are perfect for water bottles or balls. It has an on-the-go side handle and a built-in hook.

Our tennis backpacks are the perfect option for when you want to travel light on the court or move from one location to another.

Pickleball Bags

Taboo Fashions Women's Pickleball Bags

Pickleball is one of the fastest growing sports in the US since 2019. It is a paddle sport that combines the elements of badminton, tennis and ping pong and has become a “highly contagious” sport according to USA Pickleball Association (USAPA). More and more people, especially women, are loving it, but if you are a person who has been playing or is interested in playing this sport and are looking for a new bag, Taboo Fashions Premium Collection of pickleball backpacks is a smart option for you.

This paddle shaped pickleball backpack has a lot of room for your gear. It holds up to three paddles, one in front and two inside the main compartment. It also features a front pocket for the easy grab items and a side pocket for water bottles or balls. The main compartment is large enough to also carry clothes and pickleball balls. It is made with never-wear lightweight material so it is easy to carry. It has a sleek design that allows the backpack to stand upright.

Golf Cart Bags

Taboo Fashions Women's Golf Cart Bags

We love to offer you golf bags that keep things nice and tidy while remaining fashionable. This season, Taboo Fashions brings you new prints you can wear this Summer!

Wildcat - animal print always looks luxurious and never goes out of style. It’s a statement that you can wear any season from street fashions to runways. Now, you can also bring this ultra femme tiger print golf bag on the course anytime you want when hitting a few clubs.

Monaco Premium Lightweight Cart Bag - Wildcat

Posh Pink and Posh Blue - We put all together the beautiful colors of pastels to make an elegant golf bag for ladies. This pink and blue golf bag is posh as it is chic with the touch of brush strokes.

14 Way Designer Women's Golf Cart Bag with Cooler - Posh Blue

Posh Blue

14 Way Designer Women's Golf Cart Bag with Cooler - Posh Pink

Posh Pink

Mandala DreamsMandala Dreams is our take on playful geometric pattern illustration of flowers and plants. This bag looks whimsical at the same time as a chic golf bag best suited for ladies who love subtle prints.

14 Way Designer Women's Golf Cart Bag with Cooler - Mandala Dreams

Sultry Sunflowers - Stand tall and blossom on the court cause this golf bag screams vividness and brightness. Sultry sunflowers are definitely one of our favorites in this collection. It is feminine and the color combination of turquoise and yellow sparks joy.

14 Way Designer Women's Golf Cart Bag with Cooler - Sultry Sunflowers